Sometimes my creative adventures are not my own

Sometimes I just get to sit back and watch.

It is such a great feeling to just enjoy someone else have a wonderful creative adventure. In this case, once again it is my son Dillon Herick’s adventure. He is in college studying to be a game designer/artist.

He picked the ultimate school Digipen for studying these things. Check out the Princeton Review. Digipen is not ranked higher on the list because they are a very small school and don’t provide student housing or sports teams and such. Don’t be fooled—this school it at the top of the list. Check out how many awards the students have received from the industry here. Way more awards than those big schools listed at the top of the list. In fact, some of the students are hired straight out of school to recreate their student projects for game design companies. Ever heard of the game Portal? Well it started out as Narbacular Drop; check out the story here.

Anyway, Dillon is in his second semester at Digipen and loving it. Check out some of his self portraits, hands and feet sketches below. And these are only what I have seen; there are more. Eventually he will be creating his own webpage where he will display his talents. I can’t wait to see what he can do by the time he graduates!

These are drawn by visual observation, not photos! Cool stuff. Keep up the good work Dillon.

Son living in studio/office: I am at a stand still, yet it is good!

Please reply if you can relate to this: I have moved my kid’s bedrooms around because my son is moving off to college soon—therefore, my office is otherwise occupied. While the closet has been reorganized for clothes and office supplies, I, however,  have not been reorganized. I need my space to clear my thoughts and download my creativity. Instead, my adult child is downloading his last summer as a free person, still not responsible for much other than what he has already accomplished. And he has accomplished much, don’t get me wrong. So as his creativity grows while he pursues his summer learning program for Digipen, I relinquish my space. And during this time I watch as he creates while he studies his self lead program for the summer. And I am in awe of his learning, his sketches, his accomplishments. It is well worth the relinquishment of space. he is growing, moving on, and I will miss him.

So as Dillon completes 800 sketches this summer (self taught program for Digipen) before he even gets to his college of choice, I watch in amazement. He is challenging himself, and that warms my heart while I release my space to him.

Dillon is concentrating on observational drawing skills.

I am thrilled. The legacy I get to pass on is amazing, not of myself, but of a higher gifting. I am blessed!