Flowers, Gardening and Painting: 100 Flowers # 11

Flowers, gardening and painting…

Prismacolor pencil on paper

© Holly Herick

Where has my passion for painting flowers come from? I grew up in Arizona where flowers were maybe not as big, beautiful and bright as they are in Oregon. After having children, I became more interested in nurturing things. Whether it be a child, flowers, or creativity; I knew it was important to nurture. In Scottsdale, Arizona the weather was often hot—too hot to weed a garden. I did not like taking care of the yard when I was young. It seemed like a chore, using too much water—a precious resource. Now that I have lived in a more temperate climate in Southern Oregon, with more rain, I feel more inclined to the use of water, the climate and nurturing flowers. Painting flowers has been a life long study of nature beginning in the Arizona dessert with California Poppies on the Four Peaks of Scottsdale, AZ and concluding with the flowers native to Southern Oregon. Most of these images come from my memory. Whether it be the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona, Oahu, Hawaii or Portland, Oregon; it is all committed to memory. Somewhere from my mind, come the images in these floral paintings. Favorite flowers of mine include multi-petaled flowers including Hydrangeas, Gerber Daisies, Peonies, Austin Roses, Poppies, Ranunculuses and more.

Look at my paintings and guess what flowers may have influenced my paintings. Sometimes I don’t even know…

Above is the next one, what kind of flower is this? Prismacolor pencil on paper.

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100 Faces: “What’s Her Name?” #16 Watercolor and Mixed Media on Yupo

On My Way to Painting 100 Faces:
Here is “What’s Her Name?” #16


watercolor, Yupo, Sharpie, doc Matin's , mixed media, Prismacolor

“Mirela” © Holly Herick

Thanks you Susan Butterfly-Ebert. If you would like to suggest a name please comment below.

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New Horizons

I am working on a couple of web/ blog sites

I know,  I have not kept in touch lately. I have been working on loftier subjects. By loftier, I mean other than my own. I have two clients right now that want to work on connecting to their clients and audience. How do they do that… by writing a blog and creating a web site catered to their audience.

One of my clients is Dr. Dan Tomlinson.

He is a dream client—always kind,  always appreciative, always above and beyond amazing. Dr. Dan, as a Speaker, wants to communicate with his clients via blog about End Times, and the correlation between the Bible and pregnancy. He has amazing stories to share. Tune into his blog to hear more about what he has to say about End Times, Pregnancy and the allegories related to the Bible.

The other blog/webpage I have helped create is

Vicky is an amazing cook, with an amazing story to tell. Read her bio on her web page for more about her. Vicky has started a catering business here in the Rogue Valley—her Spring Rolls are to-die-for. Vicky always has a smile on her face that warms my heart and laughter follows her everywhere. Good luck with your new business, Vicky Arné Custom Catering.