Business Identity

Do you know where your business is positioned in this new millennium of marketing? Marketing has changed since the 1980s—90s. It is hard to express your mission and voice in the current overly loud world that the internet has created. Your business may need to connect via E-mail Marketing, facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or various other Social Media. Do you know how your business will connect with your target market in order to build your Tribe—a group of people who do your marketing for you. Do you know who is in your Tribe? What value does your business offer that others don’t. If you cannot answer all these questions straight up, it might be time for a marketing tune-up.

I offer a FREE thirty minute consultation over coffee or wine. You get to pick my brain for free. I will review your marketing plan, website and graphic design, giving feedback. After that, if we both agree that we are a good match, you may hire me to help you create a sustainable business marketing plan and/or update any graphic design.

If you want to grow your business: Contact me here.


© Holly Herick Design

© Holly Herick Design


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