Animal Portraits

Hi all, It has probably been a year or more since I have updated my blog. I’ve been so busy building websites and driving all over tarnation to watch my daughter play soccer and help her find a college that it seems like I have not even thought about blogging. Generally, I keep my blogs more about my creative life—thus the name “Creative Adventures”.

Recently, I read a book “Breaking Dawn” a memoir about a woman dedicating her life to protecting endangered elephants in Zimbabwe, Africa. The book takes you to the scenic wild African ranges and discusses the dangers of government corruption and power. I reached out to the author Sharon Pincott and became pen pals with her. It seems we have some very uncommon things in common, but that is a whole other story. This new friend of mine is currently back in Africa observing the wildlife and is an amazing photographer. she has been (teasing) asking me to draw an elephant for her. This mixed media art drawing is based on one of her photos of a sweet elephant called Moyo. Enjoy.IMG_4387

If you desire an animal portrait, please contact me.

All my best,


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