100 Faces: “What’s Her Name?” #12 Watercolor and Mixed Media on Yupo

On My Way to Painting 100 Faces:
Here is “What’s Her Name?” #12


"Marcela" © Holly Herick

“Marcela” © Holly Herick

I am learning as I go. Learning so much about what I love in art—and about myself. This has been such a wonderful experience for me because so many of my friends are participating through Facebook. Each day I post a new face, I have had 30-50 names suggested in the comments. Pondering the names is a great joy for me. My intent is to create multi-cultural faces from my mind. I may study images of people from a certain culture before I paint or sometimes just wait and see what I draw and paint. On occasion, I open up my iphoto and look at old photos of friends and family. That is always a treat—and I end up sending old photos to friends saying “Remember when?” iphoto can be a little distracting,  albeit a useful tool.

I definitely thought this face had a Spanish heritage. Of the 30+ names suggested, I fell in love with “Marcela.” Thank you Mary Kell and Don Jacober for suggesting and confirming it was the right name for this face.

Please name her. Leave your comments below.

Better yet, follow my blog to get updates and new faces every couple of days.




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