100 Faces: “What’s Her Name?” #6 Watercolor and Mixed Media on Yupo

On My Way to Painting 100 Faces:
Here is “What’s Her Name?”


© Holly Herick

Please name her. Leave your comments below.

Better yet, follow my blog to get updates and new faces every couple of days.

2 thoughts on “100 Faces: “What’s Her Name?” #6 Watercolor and Mixed Media on Yupo

  1. What a cool adventure to paint 100 faces! How many have you done so far? Thank you so much for the kind comment over on my blog. If you are on FaceBook, I do almost everything from there so come friend me if you’d like to see. I post there almost daily as I complete things. There are albums of my work from the last couple of years there.

    • Yes I found you on Facebook and will be following your adventures. I have sketched and painted close to 100. I have not counted. I find I am finding my rhythm and have a number series that have come out of the process. Next I hope to do a series of Flowers since everything is blooming I want to get to it soon. My son is coming home from college and will occupy my office soon I will have to get creative with my studio space. Stay tuned. I am happy to meet a new art pen-pal. In modern times I guess we need a new word to describe pen-pal. Anyway, glad to have you as an art friend.—Holly

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