Five color values: study of a rose

I have some very wonderful artist friends—willing to share their knowledge with me, what a blessing.  Molly Murrah said to “study all five values” in a painting. Patricia Osborne said to “save the whites”. I am learning. In between all the chaos that is life, I find time to paint and learn. Uncontrollable watercolor paints challenge my mind. I want to tell the paint what to do. The paint says “be free.” Watercolor paints are a constant battle for control—verses letting loose. My paintings are merely an impression of what is real. Sometimes reality is boring, sometimes I see more—or less—than what is there. What do you see? Have you tried watercolor? Let loose, let your creative mind take over.

I came back from the weekend and I realized there were some water spots on my painting. I had to make them work so water droplets they became. I laid a few more washes in areas also.

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