Dreaming of fresh apples by "Mimi"

As I enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine today decided to work in my IFJ, “International Fake Journal.” If you don’t know what this is, then you missed my last post. International Fake Journal Month is a challenge for artist to focus on art from a different perspective or persona and journal about it. Mimi, my alter ego, is studying watercolors. She is only using red, blue and yellow—the primary colors—”very efficient”. Mimi is also working on focal point and color harmony. What inspires Mimi, you never know. Mimi takes her sketch book with her everywhere now. She likes to look at life large, yet crop in on what’s most important “of course.”

Here is Mimi’s Journal Entry for “Day Five.”

As I painted, all the colors were vibrant and everything was popping forward. Here is a hint I got from a fabulous children’s book author, Lee White. Glaze over the background with the color opposite on the color wheel. For example, I used red to glaze over the green leaves and take the intensity of the color back so the apple would pop forward. It is hard to do without making things muddy, but Mimi is learning.

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